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At Fox Robotics, we deliver smart, autonomous forklift technology built for your inbound and outbound operations.



Multiply human productivity



Lower labor costs while boosting efficiencies



Future-proof your warehouse with smart automation

Why Fox Robotics?

Fox has more unloaders deployed at more facilities than the competition. Made in the USA. Over 2.3 million pallets moved. Loading and unloading are just the start. We're not going to stop until we develop automated solutions to handle all major tasks in a warehouse.

Overcome labor challenges and lower labor costs

Address labor shortages while lowering operating costs, boosting efficiency, and introduce reliability to warehouse operations.

Easy set up & simple implementation. Hours, not days.

Our bot requires no WMS (warehouse management system) or IT integration. We set up in hours, not days, and very little environmental changes are needed to run our bots.

Multiply Productivity & Improve Employee Retention

One operator can manage 5-6 Fox Bots, reducing reliance on labor and making operations scalable. Operators focus on more complex tasks that robots can't do.